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Our Limited 5 Year Warranty

Our 5 year warranty is unsurpassed. When you have us as your contractor we stand behind our workmanship and offer a 5-year warranty, meaning we stand behind our work all the way. We offer a 5-year warranty because we know that everyone at Bandlo Painting will give their best, every time.

This limited warranty is the express warranty of Hands-on Handsome Helpers LLC d/b/a Bandlo Painting ("Bandlo") on the workmanship of work performed by Bandlo. It is subject to the Bandlo terms of service and does not cover materials supplied. Bandlo promises that we provide and apply materials as intended and uphold the highest standards of workmanship.

This limited warranty excludes:

  • Any work not performed by Bandlo or any work or projects where Bandlo is not providing materials.

  • Coatings applied to damaged, varnished, galvanized, aluminum, vinyl or materials that by design or nature can be expected to absorb or collect moisture, bleed or exude sap, etc.

  • Paint touch-ups. (color matching is an art, not an exact science)

  • Any job for which proof of payment in full is not provided by client.

  • Cost of additional materials or products needed for new work.

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